family-friendly indoor climbing gym

We believe climbing is a transformative experience. We exist to give climbers of all ages and abilities a fun, welcoming space to experience the sport of climbing.

We have bouldering walls at varying heights and steepness, 22ft top rope walls with six ropes and two AutoBelays, Kilter Board on an adjustable frame, campus board, and kids climbing area with a slide.


Desk + Coach

Bosch Erickson


My name is Bosch Erickson and I grew up here in Route County. I went to CSU for my bachelor's in HDFS (Human Development and Family Studies). I moved back to Steamboat a few years ago and have been helping part-time with my family’s business. I have taught various sports at the elementary and middle school levels and group fitness classes for CSU. I like to read and weight train when I am not climbing. My best friend introduced me to rock climb and I have never stopped. I look forward to bringing my climbing to Steamboat Springs. My favorite climbing move is a dyno.


John Starr


I am from St. Louis, I have been climbing for 14 years. I specialize in bouldering and dynamic movement. My favorite part of climbing is the presence it makes you feel while you are on the wall and everything around you has the volume turned down. I have been coaching climbing for seven years. My favorite type of fictional animal is a leopard seal.


Karla Lankford

Karla Lankford, Owner of Steamboat Climbing Collective

Karla has spent decades working in the outdoor industry, in sales and marketing at different ski areas, and as the majority owner of the recreational side of ABC Kids Climbing in Boulder.

Karla has also spent decades working with kindergartners and first graders in the school system, where she learned the joys of learning new perspectives from children.

She has seen firsthand the joy and empowerment that climbing gyms can offer kids and communities. The mental and emotional transformation climbing offers make her excited about the sport.

It’s her love of community, personal empowerment, and inclusion that drove her to open Steamboat Climbing Collective.

Coach and Assistant Manager

Kate Stern

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 4.30.15 PM

Kate grew up in Boulder, CO where she started to climb as a kid. She worked at Karla's previous gym, ABC Kids Climbing, teaching classes and camps. She attended Western Colorado University in Gunnison, earning degrees in Business Administration and Environment Sustainability. Kate recently moved back to Colorado after living in Oregon and is thrilled to return to her home state. In her free time, Kate likes to mountain bike, ski, climb, and be outside with friends. Kate's favorite type of climbing is sport climbing, and she is known for her quick and jumpy climbing.


Korbin Pyles


I am from Woodland Park Colorado and I moved to Steamboat when I was 3 and have now been here for 12 years. When I’m not climbing I love to be on the mountain skiing or on stage doing theater. I have been climbing for about 4 years and my favorite climbing move is a dyno. I like climbing because it gives me a puzzle that I have to solve and after every puzzle you get a little better.

Summer Camp Coordinator (Seasonal)

Kylie Kuhl


Hello, I am Kylie. I was born and raised here in Steamboat Springs and am currently attending CSU to pursue an art education major. Now I am only working while I am back in town. My friends introduced me to climbing about two years ago, and I have fallen in love ever since. I first started climbing at Butcherknife here in town. Before climbing, I did a lot of dance and competed in water skiing. My favorite thing about climbing is that my mind goes blank. It allows me to forget other things and focus on my body and movement.


Novella Light


Novella has lived in Steamboat her entire life and is currently a student at Steamboat High School. She participates in the high school Nordic, Track, and Cross Country teams. She also is part of SCC’s competitive climbing team. Novella has been climbing for about six years. She loves climbing because it allows her to focus and escape the stresses of school. She loves the creativity and puzzle solving involved in sending a project. Her favorite types of climbing are slabs and crimps.

Coach (Seasonal)

Trevor Harms


I am a Steamboat native who's enjoyed climbing at various gyms in town since 5th grade. I started working with SCC summer of 2022, and I am excited to continue sharing my passion for climbing with Steamboat's youth.

Next fall, I will be attending the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, but I plan on coming back to work camps over the following summers.

Climbing is an excellent opportunity for me to challenge myself and relax, and I love pushing myself and achieving things I couldn't do before.

Join Our Team

We are psyched you are interested in working with us. We are a small team who cares deeply about climbing and the community. Learn about our employment opportunities by clicking the link below.


Our owner, Karla Lankford, was the majority owner of the recreational side of ABC Kids Climbing in Boulder for the past ten years. In 2021, she decided to sell her share of the climbing business and retire.

Just three short weeks later, she discovered that the local climbing gym in Steamboat was going to liquidate. After seeing firsthand the joy, confidence, and transformation that happen on the rock wall, Karla knew she couldn't let the Steamboat community be without a climbing gym.

Karla called her past COO, Chris Hampson, and manager, Holly Seamans, and asked if they would join her. The two offered a resounding "yes," and Steamboat Climbing Collective, LLC was born! The team freshened up the gym and opened it with a vision to create a fun, inclusive space for all.


"With 10 years of experience owning and operating a very successful climbing gym in Boulder, Karla's community vision for Steamboat Climbing Collective will be focused on fun, inclusiveness, and family-oriented programs. Check it out!"

Carolyn Dugan Tucker


Great route setting and super friendly staff!
So glad to have a gym in Steamboat!



Super friendly and welcoming gym.

Great setting and will only get bigger and better.



Friendly family-oriented climbing gym! Great setting and kind staff!