Indoor Rock Climbing Programs

For Adults of All Ages

Steamboat Climbing Collective is a family-friendly indoor rock climbing gym. We believe climbing is a transformative experience. We exist to give climbers of all ages and abilities a fun, welcoming space to experience the sport of climbing.

Belay Class

$50.00 (FREE TO MEMBERS) 90 min Class

includes Day Use and gear

You will learn how to properly put on a harness, tie the figure-eight knot, and how to use the proper belay technique to use the top ropes on our 22ft roped wall. You will also learn how to use the Auto-Belay system and basic climbing movement skills.

As this takes a partner you should think about taking this class with someone who you will be comfortable climbing with. Must be 14 or over.

Offered Every Monday 6p-7:30p and Sunday 11a - 12:30p

Give us a call to book a Belay Class at a different time.

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Introduction to Bouldering


Bouldering is a very popular style of climbing requiring no equipment except for climbing shoes and maybe chalk. Rental shoes and chalk are included in the class.

This class will cover the basics of climbing movement techniques, hold types, route reading, and gym etiquette.

Offered Friday 5p - 7:30p (Must book by Wednesday for class to run)

Call or Email to book a private Bouldering Class at a different time.

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"With 10 years of experience owning and operating a very successful climbing gym in Boulder, Karla's community vision for Steamboat Climbing Collective will be focused on fun, inclusiveness, and family-oriented programs. Check it out!"

Carolyn Dugan Tucker


Great route setting and super friendly staff!
So glad to have a gym in Steamboat!



Super friendly and welcoming gym.

Great setting and will only get bigger and better.



Friendly family-oriented climbing gym! Great setting and kind staff!